1. Does KeysIT have a backup service?
Yes, scheduled offsite backups are run daily.

2. How do I get a backup copy of the data?
A weekly backup of your data is available for download.

3. How do I add data after the first set up?
A secure control panel is available for your account, this enables users to enter/edit users/properties/contractors and manage logins.

4. Do I need additional equipment?
You only need to add a standard laser printer, the barcode scanner is an option to help speed up the process of issue and return of keys.

5. Can I use KeysIT for something other than to manage keys?
Yes, we have health care, universities and even hire companies who are using KeysIT to manage tool hire, fancy dress hire... etc.

managing keys

Managing Keys Features

  • Online Key Management Solution
  • Secure key issue - key return
  • Reliable key issue - key return
  • Scalable
  • Real-Time key issue Reports
  • Real-Time key return Reports
  • Efficient Barcoded Transactions
  • Powerful Search
  • Templated Print Manager
  • 3 Tier Authorisation
  • Handheld Option