Case Studies - Property Agents

Letting agents manage hundreds of properties and require a fast and efficient solution to the management of keys.

Dozens of tradesmen require access to the properties at any time, add this to the need for viewings, inspections, meter readings, photography and landlord/tenant access, the need to effectively manage key issue and return is imperative.

managing keys

Transactions are as easy as:

KeysIT enables property agents to record detailed information during each key transaction. This includes:

  • Tradesman/Staff Details
  • Date/Time of Issue/Return
  • Reason for Issue
  • Property Details
  • Branch Details
  • Key Details

Retrieving the recorded data is just as important, KeysIT's powerful search engine includes search by:

  • Fob No.
  • Property ID
  • Reason for Issue
  • Tradesman
  • Staff
  • Type - Issue/Return
  • Current Status
  • Date Range
  • Street

KeysIT has proven to be resource-saving tool for property agents, freeing staff for other duties.

managing keys

Managing Keys Features

  • Online Key Management Solution
  • Secure key issue - key return
  • Reliable key issue - key return
  • Scalable
  • Real-Time key issue Reports
  • Real-Time key return Reports
  • Efficient Barcoded Transactions
  • Powerful Search
  • Templated Print Manager
  • 3 Tier Authorisation
  • Handheld Option